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We are bounded by 19th Ave on the west, 15th Ave on the east,  Montebello Ave on the north, and Camelback Rd to the south.

Phoenix, AZ

This page is to provide information and references to the local residents of the Nile Neighborhood.  Many documents are provided by the Phoenix Police Department's Community Action department and we are appreciative.

In case of Emergency or if something that needs a Police Officer or the Fire Department Immediately, or a medical emergency call:  911
This includes some one spraying grafitti now.

If it is not an emergency or something that has occurred after the fact or something with no suspect information, then call Crime Stop (police): 602-262-6151   (Criminal damage, theft, civial matters, abandoned vehicles, illegally parked vehicles, lost property, loud distubances, etc.)

Silent Witness: 480-948-6377

If you want to call the Police for general information, police procedure, and laws; then call the Police Information Desk:  602-262-7626

Barking Dog:     602-262-6466
Dead Animal Pick-up:     602-262-7844
Fire Department:     602-253-1191
Graphitti Hotline:     602-262-7327        (Note: There is up to a $250 Reward for Graffiti Vandals)
Loose Dog (Animal Control):     602-506-7387

Check a vehicle license number to see if it is stolen:  www.theftaz.azag.gov

The Nile Neighborhood Watch Captain is Krystal Pocs. E-mail her at: nile2blockwatch@yahoo.com

Officer Aaron Stevens is our local Community Action Officer out of the Squaw Peak Precinct.
He can be contacted at 602-495-5007, Cell 602-362-0043 or E-mail him at: aaron.stevens@phoenix.gov
He may be able to answer questions or discuss concerns in the neighborhood.


Documents on this page are in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF).   If you do not already have one, you can download and install the Acrobat reader for free by clicking the following icon:

If you need an Acrobat Reader

Via the PDF reader you can view and print out your own copy of any of the provided documents.

Block Watch sign (as above).  Download this sign and display visibly in your window.  It will show to any burglers that may be casing the neighborhood that we are watching, we are working together, and we know what to do.  It is the single most important thing you may do from visiting this page.   Do it NOW.

Suspect & Vehicle Description Sheet.  The is a form to keep handy to write down information about who you see in the neighborhood.  It is also a good check list of information that will be needed later.

A simple question.  If your neighbor happened to see a group of people they had never seen before backed up to your door and unloading your stuff as fast as they could during the middle of a work day, would you want them to call you at work or call the police?
If so, you may want to communicate that with your neighbors.  Do they know your work number and do you know theirs.   Use this:
Block Watch Resident Reference form to record information about the neighbors around you.

Valley H.E.A.T. (Help Elliminate Auto Theft).  A helpful flyer to avoid having your car stolen.

Police hand out about recent Cat Burglers.



The State of Arizona page
Maricopa County page

City of Phoenix page also Phoenix Police
   (Note: The Nile Neighborhood is in City of Phoenix District 4; Squaw Peak Precinct, Beat 734. Look on the Grid for G4, then BJ25, BJ26, CA25, and CA26)
     and Crime Statitics
     and Registered sex offenders residing in the 85015 zip code area

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