Kingman High School Class of '72
Kingman, Arizona
30 Year Reunion

Here is a list of members of our class.  I want to update the list with as much info as I can.  Please E-mail me with info about yourself or relay info about other class mates (that you are sure is correct).  The Bolded names are those that attended the reunion.
You can click underlined names to E-mail the person (no fee).

Mark Ahlene  - deceased (1/15/01)
John Allen  Living in Kingman AZ.------

Paul Alvarado
Jill Antles
Jim Baker
Sherry Bangle        Now Sherry Rosenbaum, living the Dallas TX area.
Ronnie Beecher  - deceased ------

Roy Begay
Rick Bender
Doug Bennett ------

Elaine Blum
Tom Blum
Hilda Boise   - deceased (1/16/03) - Was Hilda Aguilar, in Kingman AZ.
Robbin Boyce
Tracey Boyd;  - deceased (3/13/14) ;  - Was Tracey Boyd-Arnold
Nita Boxwell
Don Brackney
Suzanne Brehm
Valerie Briel     Now Valerie Culling.
Debbie Burch
Donald Burch
Skip Burch
Marilyn Butler      Now Marilyn Goldberg, living Lake Havasu City AZ.
Vicki Byam        Now Vicki Duncan, living in Wikieup AZ.
Linda Calkins
Tom Carpenter
Karen Chowns
Jerry Cobb
Judy Conrath   Now Judy Cothup, living in Phoenix AZ.------
Roger Conrath
Mike Corbin
Wyatt Cornwall
Eva Cota
Cindi Cox
Bob Cruz
Sheri Culver
Coukett Cummins
Pat Cunningham    Living in Scottsdale AZ. -------

Donna Davis
Leslie Denton Now Leslie Fass, living Boulder City NV.------

Linda Devlin     Now Linda Hadley.
Vickie Dovenspike      Now Vicki Joralmon, living in Phoenix AZ.----
John Dowling
Nancy Durham
Jeff Ellico
Alan Ellwanger
Dwight England
Viola Esquibel
Lynn Farmer
Danny Fenderson - deceased
Pat Fischer
Bill Foutz  Living in Glendale AZ.
Chuck Fuller  Living in El Paso TX.-------

Bev Garrison - deceased.     Later Beverly Scheel, Had been living in Page AZ.
Steve Golding        Living in Kingman AZ. -------

Mike Gould  Living in Maryville TN.------

George Grantham
Kitty Jo Graves
David Greer  Living in Fairbamks Alaska.---

Jackie Grimes
Bertha Gross
Susan Hall
Bill Hanes
Bob Hanes
Evelynn Hanna        Now Eve Hanna, living in Kingman AZ -------
Richard Hanson
Marc Harnish   Living in Tucson AZ. -------

Sally Hartup      Now Sally Martinek ; Living in Eugene, OR.
Lora Hawks    Now Lora Chappell, living in Kingman AZ. ------

Ann Headley
Vicki Hemanes
Pat Herron
Gloria Higgins
Dyann Holden
Steve Holmen
Frank Hunt - deceased
Corytha Jackson - deceased ---- Was Corytha Jackson White
Terri Jackson
Rachel James
Melvin Jensen
Bill Jordan  Living in Kingman AZ.------
Tracy Jordan - deceased (1/16/14)
Ken Keith
Dale Keller Now living in Upland IN---------(2008 photo)->

Debbie Kemp
Joe Kennedy
Tom Kern Now living in Kingman AZ.------

Debbie Kidwell     Now  Debbie Jones.
Bill Kimball    Living in Prescott AZ. ----

Judy King
Flossie Knautz
Louise Lambert    Now Louise Makowski, living in Glendale, AZ.---------

Fred Lingenfelter Living in Kingman AZ. ------

John Linn        Living in Riverside CA.
Joe Longoria Living in Peoria AZ.------

Pat Lovelady
Kerry Lowe Living in Lafayette CO.-------

Russ Luke      Living in Tucson AZ.------

Donald Maddux
Kenny Maddux
Val Maluia Living Colorado Springs CO.------

Joe Marshall
Paula Martz
Suzie May
Larry McCall Living in Kingman AZ------

Suzanne McClintock
Clifford McCoy  Living in Kingman AZ.---

Mark McGee
Jan McVey
Jon Mizell
Cynthia Moline
Mary Moody
Alain Moore
Glenn Morago
Josie Morton   Now Josie Morton Ingram, living in Phoenix, AZ. -------
Kathy Musgrove - deceased
Cathy Neil      Now  Cathy DeJulio, living in Kingman AZ. ------

Jim Nelson
Laska Nelson      Now Laska Thomas.
Rex Newton
Mike Nish - deceased
Shari Northcutt - deceased - Was Shari Bach, in Kingman AZ. -------

Cathy Olmstead
Jeanne Orr
Shea O'Toole
Diane Owens
Donna Packard
Laura Parr
Brenda Paulsen
Donna Paulsen now Donna Arias ; Living in Ramona, CA.
Gabe Perea - deceased
Bruce Phillips
Tom Phillips
Grant Pinkerton
Bob Pitts
Debbie Power
David Quent
John Rhodes
JR Richards  Living in Scottsdale AZ. ----

Iva Richardson
Janet Ridenour
Tony Robertson  Living in Las Vegas, NV.----
Norman Rowden
Gary Rucker        Living in Kingman AZ. -------

Debi Rupp
Laurie Rutter
Roxanne Ryan     Now Roxanne Freiday, living in Kingman AZ.
Curtis Sandbak    Living in Rock Springs WY. ----
Dave Schamp - deceased
Mike Schank
Candy Scholer    Now Candace Lamb, living in Bullhead AZ. ---
Richard Schult  Living in San Diego CA. ---------

Janie Schultz      Now Alice (Janie) Scott.
Eric Scott
Dennis Sexton
Doug Shaeffer
Elwin Shaffer - deceased
Tom Shipley
Tim Shira
Virgil Short
Clifford Smith
Peggy Smith    Now Peggy Hernandez, living in Casa Grande, AZ.
Karen Smith Now Karen Smith West, living in Goodyear AZ. ------

Bill Snyder - deceased
Newt Stephens - deceased
Mary Stocks
Jim Strait    Living in Phoenix AZ  ----If I can put something this geeky here, then you have no basis to complain about yours.---

David Street Living in Winnemucca NV.------

Pat Sulanke
Jackie Swisher      Now Jackie Mitchell.
Christine Tapija
Bonnie Thompson
Ray Thompson
Bill Todd
Mike Touchette Living in Kingman AZ.------

Vicky Trammel   Now Vicky Markee living in Kingman AZ. -------

Debbie Troup Now Debbie Davis living in Kingman AZ. ------

Joe Tyree
Yvonne Wade      Now Yvonne Greer living in Fairbanks Alaska.---

Mike Waits - deceased    ----------------

Larry Walter   Living in Madera, CA.----------

Kenny Ward
John Waters ; Living in Kingman, AZ.
John Watt  Living in Gilbert AZ. ----

Harry White Living in Kingman AZ.------

Kevin White
Mark White
Darrell Willis  Living in Prescott AZ.------

Cindy Wilson
Roy Wright
Kim Yakus  Living in Auburn, IL.---Hi, just letting you know  I am still here in Auburn, IL.  I am a surface boss at Freeman Crown II in Auburn, IL.  I have worked here for 30 years.  Please put me on the email address for our class.  I would like to here from my friends. Kim Yakus

Kay Zelmer
Sue Zumwalt

I want more info and recent pictures.

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